YEAR: 1994
STYLE: Progressive Metal
FORMAT: FLAC (Image + Cue + Log + Scans + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 550 Mb
THE BAND: Jack Aragon — vocals; Ronnie Skeen — guitars; John Lutzow — guitars; James Escobedo — bass; Ty Tammeus — drums


This album is simply amazing, its like a two guitar Dream Theater mixed with Pantera. The musicianship, production and songwriting all take big leaps from the debut (which wasn't bad). Overall I would describe this disc as progressive groove, its certainly more progressive than the debut, often incorporating more time signatures.

The drums make sure the album kicks through out, he adds some really great grooves through out. The guitars are heavy and hypnotic, most of the songs become quite catchy on this disc after a couple listens, its progressive enough though so the listener doesn't get bored with them after repeated listens. They do seem to have minor mastabatory parts in a couple of songs, but I find them strangely hypnotic too, they just seem to go off for brief periods of time.

"Confidance Not Arrogance" kicks off with a nice heavy groove and is one of the faster songs on the album too, and probably adequately prepares you for what you're going to hear for the rest of the album. "Sanctuary" has a slow intro and an addictive chorus. "The Calling" is yet another strong tune. The next two songs kind of go together, some recurring themes are found, "Not Always Lost" is very hypnotic. "Falling Snow" and "Run Forever" are both good tracks. "Disenchanted Dreams" is probably one of my all time favorite songs, it has a great pick up before the chorus and some other great moments through out, I won't mention the catchyness either. "Speed Kills" is another cool song, pretty straight foward except the solo section.

I highly recommend this disc to those that appreciate progressiveness and still have those thrash infested brain cells like me.

Track Listing:
01. Confidence Not Arrogance
02. Sanctuary
03. The Calling
04. Painful Pursuit Of Passion And Purpose
05. Not Always Lost
06. The Falling Snow
07. Run Forever
08. Disenchanted Dreams (Of Conformity)
09. Speed Kills

The Band:
Jack Aragon — vocals
Ronnie Skeen — guitars
John Lutzow — guitars
James Escobedo — bass
Ty Tammeus — drums
Tom Capek — keyboards

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